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2013: I support
January 3, 2013

Welcome to MechanicDreams.

In 2010 a team of European artists created a 3D-world called MechanicDreams. SpaceNet AG published a calendar with artworks made in this 3D environment in 2011. The technology behind is Opensimulator. Now in 2013 there is a new project by MechanicDreams, called ‘I support’. You find more about ‘I support’ at

To get a feeling how art and technology communicate well in a walkable 3D environment you just need to set your imagination free. Follow the way of ‘the functionals’ to create a world of art within ‘I support’. In 2014 a project, called Primexplorer, will take place in schools. There kids learn how to explore, build, create and programm in a walkable 3D world. Let yourself drift into the Draft Universe as its outlined on the cover page of ‘I support’ and maybe then you want to support the project by a donation to the Digital Art Foundation ‘Stiftung Kunstinformatik’ …


Functionals are presenting on 12 pages a brief look into their world. Functionals are the ‘Gate Keepers’ in Sergey Lukianenko´s Draft Universe.

The cover page of the 2013 calendar ‘I support’ was designed by ‘Excess Motors’ aka Sean Lennon, UK. You see the quality of the creations of Sean: the female avatar (left) and the car – both placed by Frist Prim in a showroom in 3D. A true life on its own is the result. Enjoy all the 12 pages of the 2013 calendar ‘I support’ at, published by Stiftung Kunstinformatik, Munich.

In case you have now the calendar ‘I support’ in hand, feel free to use your Smartphone to decode the QR-Codes. One secret every month! The use of QR-Codes in a calendar was developed by MechanicDreams in 2010 for Space Net.