2013: I support

Welcome to MechanicDreams.

In 2010 a team of European artists created a 3D-world called MechanicDreams. SpaceNet AG published a calendar with artworks made in this 3D environment in 2011. The technology behind is Opensimulator. Now in 2013 there is a new project by MechanicDreams, called ‘I support’. You find more about ‘I support’ at http://kunstinformatik.de

To get a feeling how art and technology communicate well in a walkable 3D environment you just need to set your imagination free. Follow the way of ‘the functionals’ to create a world of art within ‘I support’. In 2014 a project, called Primexplorer, will take place in schools. There kids learn how to explore, build, create and programm in a walkable 3D world. Let yourself drift into the Draft Universe as its outlined on the cover page of ‘I support’ and maybe then you want to support the project by a donation to the Digital Art Foundation ‘Stiftung Kunstinformatik’ …


Functionals are presenting on 12 pages a brief look into their world. Functionals are the ‘Gate Keepers’ in Sergey Lukianenko´s Draft Universe.

The cover page of the 2013 calendar ‘I support’ was designed by ‘Excess Motors’ aka Sean Lennon, UK. You see the quality of the creations of Sean: the female avatar (left) and the car – both placed by Frist Prim in a showroom in 3D. A true life on its own is the result. Enjoy all the 12 pages of the 2013 calendar ‘I support’ at http://kunstinformatik.de, published by Stiftung Kunstinformatik, Munich.

In case you have now the calendar ‘I support’ in hand, feel free to use your Smartphone to decode the QR-Codes. One secret every month! The use of QR-Codes in a calendar was developed by MechanicDreams in 2010 for Space Net.

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